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WindowsXP Device Driver Installation Notes for USB Readers

- The Setup.exe program does not support WindowsXP operating systems
and will not run in this environment.

- Driver installation can only be achieved via the Windows
"Add New Hardware Wizard" utility.

- To launch the Add New Hardware Wizard simply plug-in the USB cable
of the Reader to any available USB port on the computer.

- When prompted provide the location of the "WinXP" driver folder
and follow the instructions in any subsequent dialog screens.

- After successful driver installation the USB Reader device should
become available as a drive icon via My Computer.
Additional Notes:

- USB MultiMediaCard adapters have been discontinued and replaced
with a new line of USB SD/MMC readers. The WinXP driver provided in
this release has been checked for basic compatibility with WinXP,
but it has not undergone the logo compliance testing. This might
be reflected during driver installation in WinXP as a message will
be displayed by the operating system outlining this issue.
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