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Windows XP 32/64 Bit
Driver Installation Guide
This document will present the steps needed to Install / Un-install the drivers of MosChip
PCI to Serial / Printer port products or another manufacturer’s product based on MosChip
MCS98XX series.
In this document, the MCS9835 is taken as an example to explain the installation process.
MCS9835 offers two serial ports and one printer port.
Driver Installation:
Download the appropriate drivers from the link
The drivers can be downloaded from the category “PCI Connectivity” in the download
section of our website.
Allow the “.zip” file to be downloaded to your local computer.
Unzip the Driver files to a directory on your PC Hard Disk, or to a Floppy Diskette.
Installing Drivers for the first time:
Switch OFF the PC.
Insert the peripheral card into the computer.
Ensure that there are no external devices connected to the Ports at this time. They can
interfere with the installation of the Drivers.
Turn ON the computer.
Windows should detect the new card, and automatically invoke the “Found New
Hardware” wizard.
Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click on “Next” to start
the installation.


Driver Installation Guide
For MCS98XX on Linux
This installation guide describes the procedure to install MCS9805, MCS9815, MCS9820, MCS9835 and MCS9845 PCI Serial / Parallel ports on Linux platform.
Note: In this document MCS9835 is taken as an example. Please follow the same
procedure to install MCS9805, MCS9815, MCS9820 and MCS9845.
To know the number of available serial ports:
Linux only supports 4 serial ports (ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS2, ttyS3) under the default condition. Most likely, ttyS0 & ttyS1 are supported by mother board's built-in serial controllers and ttyS2 & ttyS3 are free for additional I/O card. If you want to add more serial ports use the following command.


Driver Installation Guide
For MCS98XX on DOS
1 May, 2007
Normally any serial and parallel I/O ports can be supported by BIOS call services in DOS
environment. However DOS supports only 4 serial ports (3F8h, 2F8h, 3E8h, 2E8h) and
3 parallel ports (3BCh/378h/278h).
I. Contents available in Moschip DOS Driver:
1. NMDOSIN.EXE --- DOS Utility to install ports.
2. NMCONFIG.CFG --- Configuration file to Remap to customize
I/O Addresses.
3. DOS Driver Installation Guide.doc --- PDF Document of Installation Guide.
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