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Is an installation program to install the latest Windows 7 drivers for use with our VSCom PCI-bus serial & parallel port cards.


- First try to deinstall the card(s) with the "device manager"
- If this doesn`t operate, use this tool


Vision Systems GmbH doesn't take any warranty for any damages
to the registry or file system, i. e. for unintentionally
deleted registry keys or files. Such problems can result from
inconsistent registry, manual changes or erroneous uninstallation

Checking the option "Confirm finalizing uninstall" will list
all changes to be made to the registry and file system, and ask
the user for confirmation. If you're unsure please use this option.
Program files:
- vsclean.exe -> program
- warning.txt -> this note
- TEMPDIRECTORY\vsclean.log -> test results

PCI Treiber for VScom Cards
Version 3.01.02
Date 21.06.2007
- Vista 64 WHQL
- pnp problems with rebalance corrected
- Support of Baudrates up to 3686400 for H and H2 cards (using TCR)
Version 3.00.03
Date 29.03.2007

- new installation class for adapter
- WHQL preparation and tests

Version 6/3.00.02
Date 07.12.2006
- vsclean asks for elevated user credentials
- changing of key protection rewised. Now works under Vista

Version 3.00.01
Date 11.09.2006
- Support for 400ISI, 800ISI, 400H Express

Date 18.05.2006
- Corrected Inffiles for XP, 2000, 2003, AMD64, NT40
- Win9x - support for name overwritting
Version 3.00.00
Date 05.05.2006

- AMD64 Support
- All Windows versions: For 800H,410H,210H,110H,110HV2 210HV2 the name displayed in device manger will be
overwritten to show the right card type.
- Support for PCI 800H Express and 400H Express
- Windows NT: minor bugs fixed
- Windows NT: only non-VS ports are displayed as other ports.
Version 2.58.04
Date 05.11.2004

- All Windows Version: bug with initialisation fixed. This Problem was cased by frequently changing baudrate
and affected only L-Card series.
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