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Guide to update CardBus IEEE 1394 host card driver, Copy Right 2002, Billionton Systems Inc.
***Important: It is assumed the driver of this CardBus IEEE 1394 card had been installed.
The procedures below describe how to update the driver for solving compatibility issues
when connecting to IEEE 1394 DV, hard disk, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and other high speed IEEE 1394 devices.

***Note: In Windows 2000 and Windows XP where log on is required, before installing the update driver, you must first log on as the
administrator. (After installing the update driver, it is not necessary to log on as the administrator.)

(1) Copy all the files into a floppy disk. (If there is no floppy disk driver in your notebook PC,
copy all the files into a directory in the hard disk, remember the path of the directory)

(2) Insert the CardBus IEEE 1394 card into notebook PC's PCMCIA slot, Power on the PC.

(3) Put the floppy disk into floppy disk drive.

(4) Using the driver in floppy disk to update the driver (force to update the driver),
See below for detail procedures in Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP.
(if there is no floppy drive in your notebook PC, when the system asks to key in the location of
the driver, key in the path remembered in step (1) instead of "a:\")

(5) After updating the driver, restart the notebook PC, and it is done.
***(A) After the driver is updated, for some notebook PCs,
for example, SONY's notebook PCs, there are some steps needed every time you use the card.
1. Every time you use this card, We suggest you remove the card first, then power on the notebook PC.
2. After the PC is powered on and Windows is completely loaded, then insert the card.
(do not insert the card when the notebook PC is powered on)
3. then connect to 1394 peripheral devices and work.
(B) If there is 1394 function built-in SONY notebook PCs, sometimes the CardBus 1394 card can not work
due to conflict with the internal 1394 function.
(c) When updating the driver and select "specify driver location", sometimes if it can not find "1394 ..." driver,
then select "search for a suitable driver" and try again.
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