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Driver update for Win98/Win95 and Support Wintab32

Update information.
1. The EaglePen and SmartPad do support Wintab32 now.

The Wintab function is used for AutoCAD for Windows 95/98.
You may use the templage to configure the tablet and use an area
for mouse.

Driver installation:
If You Have Windows 95/98 Plug and Play

Step 1. Turn on your computer and start Windows 95.
Step 2. The screen will show "Find new hardware",
Press "ESC" key to ingore this device.
Step 3. Install the driver as normal procedure.
. Run setup.exe from this diskette.
. ( You need add New hardware form control panel if you use
SP1812, SP1212 )
step 4. Restart Windows.

If You Do Not Have Windows 95 Plug & Play.
For tablet SP1812, SP1212.

Step 1. Select settings under start button.
(You may press to select settings by keyboard)
Then select control panel.
Step 2. Select add new hardware.
Step 3. Select next and no for not to search new hardware.
Step 4. Select other devices and next button.
Step 5. Click have disk.
Put the Eagle Pen utility diskette into disk drive.
Select OK button.
Step 6. "YTG/Smartech WIN95 Eagle Pen device" will show on the screen.
Click next button. Then finish button.
step 7. Restart Windows.


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