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Genius GE2500III PCI
EtherNet Adapter
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Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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This document describes the procedure to install MS Windows 95 driver
for GE2500III PCI Ethernet Adapter.
Installation procedure

1. When log into Windows 95, click on the "Start" icon ,then move the
mouse to "Settings" icon and click on the "Control Panel".

2. In the Control Panel window, click on the "Network" icon.

3. In the Network Configuration dialog box, choose the "Add.." button.

4. When the Select Network Component Type dialog box appears, select
"Adapter" icon and then press "Add" button.

5. In the Selected Network adapters dialog box, Choose the "Have disk"

6. Insert the driver diskette into drive A or B.

7. When the Install From Disk dialog box appear, specify the driver path
(A:\WIN95 or B:\WIN95) and then choose "OK" button.

8. Then, you will see "GE2500III PCI Ethernet Adapter" list in the dialog
box, choose "OK" button.

9. The Windows 95 OS begin to copy driver from diskette and some system
files from Windows 95 installation CD or diskette.

10. Then, you will see "GE2500III PCI Ethernet Adapter" list in the Network
Configuration dialog box.

11. Restarting your system you will acquire network service.
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