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Compex RL2000
PCI EtherNet Adapter
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter

1.1) RL2000.SYS v1.00

The NDIS drivers v1.00 for Windows 95 was written to the
Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) Version 3.0/3.1.

1.2) RL2000.INF

This is a Windows 95 setup file for Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet adapters.

Microsoft Windows 95
1) Install Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet adapter into the computer
and start Windows 95.

2) Windows 95 will detect the new installation of Compex RL2000 PCI
Ethernet adapter and a similar message box shown as below
will be displayed out.

New Hardware Found
[SYMBOL] PCI Ethernet Controller
Windows has found a new hardware and is installing the software for it.

3) In the "New Hardware Found" box, the "Driver from disk provided by
hardware manufacturer" option will be selected by Windows 95 in
default mode. Click the OK button to continue.

4) Insert Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter Driver Disk into the drive
(eg. A:).

5) In the "Install From Disk" box, enter the following pathname
of the directory:-
A: and then select the OK button.
6) Windows 95 will copy the driver (RL2000.SYS) and the necessary
files from Windows 95 Diskettes/CD-ROM.

7) After installation, Windows 95 may be ask you to restart the
computer so that the new hardware can take effect. Click the
YES button.
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