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Cnet ProG-2000E
PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
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Windows Vista
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If the alphabetical letter number is A Realtek 8169/8168/8101 PCI/PCIe NDIS6 driver (for Windows Vista)


For 8169 cardbus , 8110SC and 8101E users, please update to this version.

1. Fix Largesend bug on 100/half, 10/half and 10/full modes (8101E)

2. Fix 8110SC performance downgrade if MWI enabled

3. Fix cardbus statistic counter (cardbus 8169SB)

4. Fix cardbus adapter surprised removed bug

5. Add foolproof PHY speed & duplex setting
100 full -> 100 full / 100 half / 10 full / 10 half
100 half -> 100 half / 10 full / 10 half
10 full -> 10 full / 10 half
10 half -> 10 half

6. The jumboframe options are changed to match Windows XP
Please refer Jumbo_Frame.txt for more detail.

7. Fix the 8110SC largesend problem

Version 6.189.1213.2006

1. Only adds a workaround fix for Vista WOL. Driver will remove this patch from source code after Vista SP1.
If your system have special WOL issue, please use this version instead of 6.188.

Version 6.188.1207.2006

1. Add jumbo frame support

When jumbo frame enabled, driver will automatically disable 'Large Send Offload (IPv4)'.
'Jumbo Packet' > 1514 means to enable jumbo frame.
'Jumbo Packet' = 1514 means to disable jumbo frame.

For 8169 PCI series , maximum jumbo packet size is 7*1024
For 8168 PCIe series , maximum jumbo packet size is 5*1024
Please refer Jumbo_Frame.txt for more detail.

2. Performance enhancement

3. Lower CPU utilization

4. Auto TX/RX adaptive tuning

5. Driver uninstallation will remove the driver and roll back to previous WHQL/inbox driver now

Version 6.187.1121.2006

1. Fix the driver bug: WOL incorrectly PHY power down

2. Fix the driver bug: 'Network Address' not reset to original to MAC address

After 'Network Address' changed and then cleared, the MAC address does not reset to the original one.
('Network Address' is in the Device Manager | Properties | Advanced | Property)

3. Fix the driver bug: 'Network Address' could not change the MAC address

4. change TX/RX parameters to improve copy throughput

5. add 'Auto Disable Gigabit' feature.
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