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Canon MultiPass B360
B360 MultiPass DTM 1.2
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98
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Canon MultiPASS Desktop Manager
for FAX-B360
Version: 1.20

This README.TXT file provides information not included in the
printed documentation. This file includes information which may
be helpful in diagnosing problems with the FAX-B360.


1. IMPORTANT General Notes
2. Creating Logo- and Signature files with the MultiPASS
Desktop Manager and Windows Paint.
3. Bubble Jet print jobs seem to disappear
4. Bubble Jet print jobs seem to disappear under Windows for
Work Groups
5. Running out of paper (or a paper jam) while printing in
Bubble Jet mode
6. System pauses for 20-30 seconds when exiting Windows
7. The dialog box "Cannot communicate with the FAX-B360"
8. Parallel port security devices and other parallel port
products with a "pass-through" port for the printer
9. Placing items in a software envelope
10. Using the FAX-B360 as a stand-alone fax machine when
the computer is turned off
11. Connecting a second printer to an unused printer port on a
PC where the FAX-B360 has been installed
12. Selecting a group of items in the Address Book, In Box, or
Out Box for deletion
13. The MultiPASS Diagnostic fails with "Communication error.
Uploaded test file does not match original."
14. Creating or Scanning a Logo- or Signature file in Adobe
15. Scanning with Adobe PhotoShop 3.0 under Windows95.
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