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ECS Elitegroup eJIFFY Rapid Access Internet Tool
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What's eJIFFY?

ECS eJIFFY is a Linux based interface for a fast boot application which is compressed in a CD to install on the hard drive.Within 8 seconds after the computer boots up, eJIFFY is ready to provide users the total enjoyment for web browsing, photo reviewing and on-line chat. Instead of waiting for the regular OS to start up, eJIFFY serves a convenient center to have quick fun or a glance at the hot news in today’s fast pace world where nothing can be too quick.

Instant access to the internet
Instead of waiting for Windows OS to start up; eJIFFY serves a convenient center to have quick fun or a glance at the latest news.
Totally avoids virus attacks from Windows.
Gives an alternative interface when Windows crashes.
Just download the application & BIOS from ECS website. Users can get an added function with their models on hand.

Step1 :

Download eJIFFY software program.

Step2 :

Run "eJiffy_v2.5.79.exe" and click the setup button to complete the installation.

Step3 :

Flash eJIFFY BIOS for BIOS upgrade and restart your computer.

Step4 :

Press "DEL" or click the BIOS Setup button on the post screen to enter the BIOS setup page after boot up.

Step5 :

And then enter the Advanced Setup page to enable the item ECS eJIFFY Function. Press F10 to save the configuration and exit. Restart your computer.

Note : eJIFFY is available in SATA/IDE/AHCI mode. It does not support RAID configuration and the onboard 34-pin floppy drives.
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