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Available 1 files for IBM0844
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT4-2000-XP-Vista
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
The File "ibmmon.inf" can be used to install any of the following monitors to Windows 95 and 98.
Machine type Machine name Image colour matching files
6540 G42 IBM_6540.icm
6541 G51 IBM_6541.icm
6546 G52 & G54 IBM_6546.icm
6547 G72 & G74 IBM_6547.icm
6556 P72 IBMP_93K.icm, IBMP50K.icm
6557 P92 IBMP_93K.icm, IBMP65K.icm, IBMP_50K.icm
6558 P202 IBMP_93K.icm, IBMP65K.icm, IBMP_50K.icm
6549 G94 6549_93K.icm, 6549_65K.icm, 6549_55K.icm
2116 MM55 Multimedia IBMmm55.icm
2128 MM75 Multimedia IBMmm75.icm
2235 C50 IBM_6541.icm
2237 C71 IBM_6547.icm
9514-B TFT Panel IBM_9514.icm

The inf file will install the correct "colour matching" file automatically if present (it must be found at the same location as the inf file). If it is missing installation will prompt for the "colour matching filename" from the disc "IBM monitor installation disk". This action can be safely "skipped" if the file is not to hand. You can install it later if you wish, just carry out the installation procedure again.
Note. The image colour matching file is not required for correct operation of the monitor, the inf file takes care of that.

Installation procedure.

Note. You must have plug and play enabled prior to installation, you can check/enable this with the following steps.

Right click a vacant area on the desktop.
click properties
select the Settings tab
click advanced
select the monitor tab
ensure the automatically detect plug and play box is checked.
ensure the monitor you wish to install is connected to the system and restart with the monitor powered on.
1. Download the desired files to disc or local directory.
2. Right click my computer
3. Select Properties
4. Select Device manager tab
5. Expand the monitor key
6. Click expanded monitor key
7. Click properties button
8. Select driver tab
9. Select update driver.
10.Follow the process to install the new driver from "a specific location" i.e. the disc or local directory you downloaded the files to in step 1.
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