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Micronet SP150E
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Windows 2000
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PCMCIA FAX/Modem Installation Diskette Ver. 1.5

1. This diskette contains :

* PC_CARD.INF : .INF file for both Windows 95/98/2000 and NT 4.0
* MDMEN.EXE : Fax/Modem Enabler
* MODEM.INF : .INF file for Remote Access Service (RAS) of NT 3.51

2. How to install the modem for Windows 95/98

(1) Select "Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer" item
at the "New Hardware Found" window, when you plug the PCMCIA
Fax/Modem card into the PCMCIA slot of your Windows system
at the first time.
(2) Input the path "A:\" to load the INF file.
(3) Press "OK" button.
3. How to install the modem for Windows 2000

(1) Be sure the PCMCIA Fax/Modem is correctly installed in your
(2) Start Windows 2000.
(3) Windows will automatically detect the new device and install
it in your system as a "Standard PCMCIA Card Modem".
(4) Go to My Computer->Control Panel->System. Select the "Hardware"
tab. Click the "Device Manager" button.
(5) Double-click "Modems". Point to select "Standard PCMCIA Card
Modem". Click "Properties".
(6) Click the "Update Driver" button and click "OK". Direct Windows
to the proper location for the driver files.
(7) Follow the on-screen instruction to proceed. When Windows prompt
the "Digital Signature Not Found" and ask you "Do you want to
continue the installation?",click "Yes".
4. How to install the modem for Windows NT 4.0

(1) Make sure the PCMCIA card is plugged into the PCMCIA slot.
(2) Start up the Windows NT 4.0.
(3) Double click the Modem Icon in "Control Panel" window.
(4) In "Install New Modem" window, press "Next" button to auto-detect
the modems in the system.
(5) Press "Change" button to change the modem type.
(6) Press "Have Disk..." button.
(7) Input path "A:\" and press "OK" button.
(8) Select a correct modem type e.g.,"PCMCIA 33.6Kbps FAX+Modem"
and then press "OK" to accept the modem type.
(9) Press "Finish" button.

The enabler, MDMEN.EXE is used to initialize the modem when you are not
using Card Services. You can use the Enabler as DOS command or DOS driver.
It means that you can load the enabler from the DOS prompt or put it into the
AUTOEXEC.BAT or put it into the CONFIG.SYS to load it everytime you start your

MDMEN [/COM=m] [/IRQ=nn] [/SLT=n]

COM=m Specify the COM port number (m=1 -- 3). Default is 2.
IRQ=nn Specify the interrupt request number in decimal. Default is
4 for COM1, 3 for COM2, 4 for COM3, 3 for COM4.
SLT=n Specify the slot number the Fax/Modem card plugged.
Default is auto-detection.
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