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Fax & Modem & ISDN
MagicRAM 93356RP 56K PC Card Rockwell
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-NT4
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Fax/Modem PC card has been tested under Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows 98,
Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 and OS/2 Platforms. The following sections
will provide you with basic guideline installations:

1. Install modem under Windows 3.X

2. Install modem under Windows 95

3. Install modem under Windows 98

4. Install modem under Windows NT 3.51

5. Install modem under Windows NT 4.0

Section 1: Install modem under Windows 3.X
To make the modem work under Windows 3.X, you need a Card & Socket Services
pre-installed in your computer or install a point enabler for the modem.
If you have a Card & Socket Services pre-installed in your computer, you do
not have to install the Point Enabler. Please follow the following steps to
figure out if your notebook/PC have Card & Socket Services pre-installed.
Also refer to your notebook/PC's reference manual for details.

a. Boot up your computer, and watch the screen to see if any words such as
"Card services version ..." or "Socket services version ..." is displayed.

b. After computer boots up, insert your modem into one of the PCMCIA Socket.
If you hear any kind of beeps through the computer speaker (make sure your
computer's speaker turned on), your computer has Card & Socket installed.

c. Refer to your computer manual to find out if any PC card manager came with
your computer. PC card manager is a software provided by Card & Socket
Services Software vendor to configure the PC cards with available IRQs
and IOs.

After you have made sure that your computer does not have Card & Socket
Services you need to install the Point Enabler the configure the Fax/Modem
PC Card. The following will give you a quick guideline:

a. Boot up your computer. Insert the configuration disk into floppy drive a:
b. Under DOS, type a:
c. Under a:\>, type copy cardsc.exe c:\

CARDSC.EXE does not terminate and stay in resident, therefore it will not take
up any memory from your PC. CARDSC.EXE can be activated in a DOS command or in
the AUTOEXEC.BAT file as follows:
a) DOS command line:
C:\> CARDSC.EXE /I=I /C=c /M=m /S=s
C:\CARDSC.EXE /I=I /C=c /M=m /S=s

The valid options and the default assigned value are as follows:
I/O port options (default c=2, COM2)
c = 1 then base port = 3F8h COM1
c = 2 then base port = 2F8h COM2
c = 3 then base port = 3E8h COM3
c = 4 then base port = 2E8h COM4
IRQ options (default i=3)
i = 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 15
MEMORY options (default m=D0)
m = C0 - DF
SOCKET options (default s=0)
s = 0, 1, 2, 3
/U will unload the driver when run from DOS prompt
/H or ? will display the Help messages

Note: If you select a combination of Com port and IRQ (Such as Com 4, IRQ 3),
You need to go to Windows, Main, Control Panel, Ports, double click on Com4,
advanced, and make sure the setting matches the parameters in the command
line. If not, you have to make changes and restart Windows.
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