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Intelligent ISDN PCI Adapter

Readme for RAS through NDIS/TAPI Miniport Driver with Intelligent
ISDN PCI under Windows NT 4.0

Copyright Intelligent

1. General

There are two ways to connect a Windows NT computer to ISDN:

- Integration via NDIS-Miniport driver (this floppy)
- Integration via serial modem driver and COM-Port (a different
product, please contact your dealer for further information)

This floppy contains the software necessary for the integration
via NDIS/TAPI Miniport. It supports one/two B-channel with up
to 64.000 bps.

This floppy contains the following files:

- oemsetnt.inf Installation script for NT
- readme.txt This text
- colwmac.sys NDIS/TAPI Miniport driver
- isdnmsg.dll DLL for display of eventlogs
- isdncfg.dll DLL for configuration


2. Intelligent ISDN PCI Adapter

2.1 Installing Intelligent ISDN PCI hardware

Install the Intelligent ISDN PCI as described in the manual. Configure
the port of the PCI ISDN adapter on a free interrupt (see manual
of Intelligent ISDN PCI).

2.1.1 Updating from previous version

Please deinstall the Intelligent ISDN PCI from RAS and from the
list of network adaptors and install it with the new version
again. While installing make sure that you choose the
installation from the floppy and not from harddisk.
2.2 Installing COLWMAC

Install RAS and your LAN protocols before you install the
Intelligent ISDN PCI NDIS driver. Choose a port like COM2 for RAS

The driver is to be installed with the "Control Panel". Start
"Network" and "Add Adapter...". Now you get a list of the
available adaptors. Please click "Disk" and insert the path
for the driver files to load the files onto the harddisk:
:\winnt40 (had to be written by hand)
Select "Intelligent ISDN PCI".
Select the D-channel protocol you will use.
Please enter the telephone numbers (phone 1 and phone 2) you will
use. If you have only one telephone number you may leave the
second phone number blank.

Now you can configure your MSN's.
- For incoming calls you can select followings:
1 Only phone number 1
1+2 Both phone numbers 1 and 2
2 Only phone number 2
all All MSN's
will accept incoming calls.
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