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Linksys WPG12
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Connecting the Presentation Player

A. Connect the VGA cable from your monitor
or projector to the Presentation
Player’s To Monitor/Projector port.
B. Make sure the Presentation Player is
turned off. Plug the supplied power
adapter into the jack on the Presentation
Player’s back panel. Then plug the other
end into a power outlet (surge protection
recommended). Turn on the Presentation
C. Connect one end of the Category 5
Ethernet network cable to your PC’s
Ethernet adapter. Connect the other end
to the LAN port on the back of the
Presentation Player.

Installing the Control Utility for the
Presentation Player

The Presentation Player can play from any PC in your wireless network. You
must install the Control Utility in each PC that will use the Presentation Player.
A. Insert the Setup CD-ROM into your
CD-ROM drive. The Setup Wizard
should start automatically, and the
Welcome screen should appear. If it
does not start automatically, click
the Start button, and select Run.
Then enter d:\setup.exe in the
Open field (if “D” is the letter of
your CD-ROM drive).
B. Click the Install tab.
C. Click the Next button.
D. After reading the Warranty Policy, click Yes if you agree, or No to end the
E. The Choose Destination Location screen will appear. If you want to change
the location where the Control Utility will be installed, click Browse, and
select another location. Click the Next button to continue.
F. The Wizard will ask you to review your settings before it starts to copy files.
Click Next if you are satisfied with your settings, or click Back to change
any settings.
G. After the files have been successfully copied, click the Exit button.
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