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Linksys WPC54A
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Windows 98Se-Me-2000-XP
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- Rx buffer reuse under heavy load
- Country Select app. will give error when changing country
- STA needs to implement passive scanning
- STA in endless Disassociation loop with 2 APs on the same channel
- Cardbus causes temporary lockup in IBM R30
- Station stays associated to AP that is gone
- Change the INF file to set a shorter timeout for normal sleep
- WEP Keys are written in Registry for un-configured keys
- Still decrementing a counter after hitting 0
- Broad-/multicast frames keep STA awake
- Blue screen in NDIS
- STA rebooted with Blue Screen
- Stations not responding when sleeping
- STA can't associate to AP with MaxLength SSID
- Ad-hoc network config must be prevented in ETSI domain
- Station not responding when it goes to sleep
- Scanning of channels will get stuck in a particular channel for 30-60 sec before it scans again.
- Blue Screen - Where Security disabled and KeyIndex>0
- XP crashes with if Privacy is not invoked
- Encryption set to "auto" with only shared key will not reload driver properly
- STA sets the privacy invoked bit even when privacy is not invoked
- Surprise-removal hangs STA during sleep
- Rfsilent in XP with zero config does not work properly
- NDIS driver blue screens WInXP Professional
- STA in ad-hoc mode will lockup when copying files.
- NDIS driver causes Blue Screen in Deterministic Network Enhancer driver
- System lockup using max power save mode
- STA hops off to different channel after time in ad-hoc
- Ad-hoc Mode: STA hops off channel but linkmon still shows connected but not Joined.
- Ad-hoc connection is poor sometimes
- STA stops transmitting until manual background scan initiated
- Rx overruns are not displayed in Linkmon
- Experiencing hard HW hang under heavy load
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