Linksys WMA11B Download Drivers

Available 1 files for WMA11B
Fax & Modem & ISDN
Linksys WMA11B
Operating Systems
Windows 98Se-Me-2000-XP
Size Driver
File Name
Insert the Setup CD-ROM into
your PC’s CD-ROM drive. The
Setup Wizard should run
automatically, and the
Welcome screen should
appear. If it does not, click
Start, and then click Run. In the
Open field, enter D:\setup.exe
(if “D” is the letter of your CDROM
B On the Welcome screen, click
C If you are using the Adapter for
the first time, click Install to install
the Adapter Utility on your PC. If
the Adapter Utility has already
been installed, click Skip and
proceed to step I.
D If the latest Windows Installer
components are not detected
on your PC, you will see Figure
D, which will ask you to update
them. Click Next.
After these components are
updated, you will be asked to
reboot your PC. Click Yes. After
the PC reboots, you will be
returned to the screen shown in
Figure C. Click Install and
proceed to step E.
E If Microsoft .NET Framework
version 1.0 is not detected on
your PC, then you will see
Figure E, which will ask you to
install it. Click Next.
Windows will ask you if you
want to install the Microsoft
.NET Framework Package. Click
Yes. (The installation may take
a few minutes.)
G Read the License Agreement,
and click Next to accept it.
H The Select Music and Picture
Folders screen will appear. To
use the music and pictures
held in the default folders, click
Next. To use a different folder,
click Add and follow the onscreen
I When you see the screen
shown in Figure I, make sure
the Adapter’s Ethernet LED is
solidly lit. This indicates that the
Adapter is properly connected
to either a wired computer or
router. Then click Next.
J The screen shown in Figure J
displays a list of Wireless-B
Media Adapters that have
been found on your network,
as well as settings for the
Adapter whose name is
highlighted. To select the
Adapter you are currently
installing, click its name in the
Adapters Found box. Then click
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