Lectron I56PSP-F0 Download Drivers

Available 1 files for I56PSP-F0
Fax & Modem & ISDN
Lectron I56PSP-F0
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-NT
Size Driver
File Name
A. List of Installation Disk Files

1. esmgr.vxd ;ESS modem device manager.
2. esenum.vxd ;ESS modem emuator.
3. ESMDMX.VXD ;ES56 Modem Windows 95/98 driver.
4. ESUART.VXD ;ES56 Modem Windows 95/98 DOS-Box driver.
5. ES2898.inf ;ESS device manager and emuator setup information.
6. MDMESS.INF ;ES56 Modem Setup information.
7. MDMESSA.INF ;ES56 Voice Setup information.(for ES56T-PI, ES56V-PI)
8. README.TXT ;Use Notepad to view this readme file.
9. UNINST.EXE ;Uninstallation utility.
10. SERWAVE.VXD ;Virtual driver for play wave file.(for ES56T-PI, ES56V-PI)
11. VMODCTL.DLL ;DLL file for voice function support.(for ES56T-PI, ES56V-PI)

B. ES56 Drivers Installation

ES56 Data/Fax(/TAM) Modem is fully Compatible with Window 95/98
Plug and Play. Insert this installation disk into drive A: and
follow the procedure of the Update Device Driver Wizard right
after that windows found the "ESS Data Fax (/Voice) Modem" new
hardware device.
C. Uninstallation Procedure

Open Windows 95/98 Control Panel, and run Add/Remove Programs. In the
software list, select "Uninstall ESS Modem" then click Add/Remove
button. Do not remove the modem drivers from either Modem or
System Properties.
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