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Installation Guide
Caution: This device should be fitted and installed under normal
operation; any damages caused by abnormal installation or operation is
not included in the manufacture’s warranty.
Install your PCI Modems
To install the PCI Modems into your computer, please see the steps as below:
1. Ensure that the computer has been shut down and the power-supply cable
is unplugged before installing the modem.
2. Fit the modem into the PCI slot carefully; please ensure that the golden
edge of the modem has been completely fitted into the PCI slot.
3. Plug one end of the cable supplied with the modem into the line jack of the
modem and plug the other end into the wall jack or the line port of a
telephone box.
4. Plug the power-supply cable to the computer and power it on.
5. Install the software as following steps.
Install the Driver
n Under Windows 98
Step 1:
You will see the dialogue box as picture after you power the computer on.
Click " Cancel" and install the software according the steps below.
Step 2:
To install the driver of under the Windows 98, please click the “Start” bar at
the right bottom corner of the screen and then select “Run”.
Step 3:
Insert the CD-ROM driver and click” Browse” to find the location of the
driver or type down the location as below.
Step 4:
The location is under CD-ROM disk:
G:\ 56K LUCENT\PCI\Setup.exe.
Please type the location into the blank bar and then click “OK”.
Step 5:
Click " OK" to continue.
Step 6:
Windows is installing the Modem Drivers, the installation will be completed in
few seconds and then restart your computer.
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