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06-02-96:Version 2.16.05
VVOICE.386 feature added:
(1) Support bong tone detection. Need new VPCTCOM.386 to set the flag.

(1):Fix bug on modify ATI string

(1)Fix bug on refresh after remove the device
(2)Modify the UI
(3)Take out csetup.inf
(4)Add uninstall function.

(1): Add run time check hardware support wake up on ring through registry.

04-21-96:Version 2.16.04
General features:
(1)V.80 support H.324 compliance Video
(2)DOS application and game support.
(3)APM 1.2 compliance power management.
(4)All in one setup support different CPUs. (K5, K6, MMX, Pentium and Cyrix)
(5)Add special contention support for HSP modem.

VPCTCOM.386 Bug fixes:
(1)MS phone 'hangup' issue fixed. Previously when the speaker button is pressed and when
the modem reports dial tone, Ms Phone hang up the call. Now there is delay of 5 seconds
between when the speaker button is pressed and when dial tone is reported, giving the
using time to dial. Note: MS phone still hangs up the line if the user wait longer than
5 seconds. This is a Microsoft UNIMODEM issue.
(2)MS phone 'privacy' bug fixed. The issue was when speaker phone is on-line and the handset
is picked up, voice is played through both the speaker and the handset.
(3)MS phone message playback through handset problem fixed.
(4)Ring 0 parameter is passed to vvoice. This parameter is set by hspcfg utility. Note that
ring 0 driver is only available for certain sound cards.
(5)Oak handset support added.
(6)Speaker phone volume can now be adjusted.
(7)MCT speed adjustment test now passes. Prviously PCTel modem does not connect to USR Courier
when line rate is limited to 1200bps.
(8)Germany busy cadence is adjusted to 20ms and 60ms to meet Balloon's requirement.
(9)Improved connectivity at 2400bps to work with Cityruf (German BBS).
(10)Fixed a bug in which DTMF detection does not with Balloon software.
(11)Fixed the MS phone call forwarding issue.
(12)Improved call progress tone detection in voice mode.

Add spkphone volume control.

vvoice.386 changes:
modification for DTMF detection when the modem
status changing. Fixed bug in MS-PHONE that
sometimes report twice the key just pressed
modification for ring3 playback dial tone when
modem card is without On Board Speaker

03-18-96: Version 2.16.01
General features:
(1)add idle time out APM (S50) & wakeup on ring support.

12-25-96: Version 2.16
General features:
(1) Added universal driver capability to avoid conditional compile
for different country, hardware, software requirements. Handshake signal monitoring
through sound card when on board speaker is not loaded.
(2) Speakerphone performance improvement.
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