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This is a draft document. Refer to your installation guide.

Important Notes:
1. For first installation follow the procedure below.
If your system already contains MODIO ALS300 and you want to re-install
new version then first uninstall Modio (See UnInstall Procedure
at the end of this document), and only then proceed to install
2. If you need unimodemV capabilities (Voice TAPI compliance), you
have to install Microsoft's UnimodemV.
To install SmartLink Modio ALS300 :

Hardware needed : MODIO ALS300 Card (Preferably with active speakers).
Software : MODIO ALS300 device drivers and files in the MODIO ALS300
Installation diskette/s
Installation Procedure:

1. If First installation -
Plug in the Modio card into a free PCI slot.

2. Restart the system

3. When the system detects the card and asks for disk, press "Browse"
and select the MODIO ALS300 install diskette in the floppy drive.

4. MODIO ALS300 will be installed.
After installation:
1. In Control Panel - System/Device Manager under Sound,video and game
check for 1-3 ALS300 devices
1 ALS300 Voice Modem Wave device
(Optional - with Unimodem V only)

In Control Panel - Modems:
check for your modem

2. Double click on the ALS300 PCI Sound Chip
Choose Modem property page
Press the "Test Now" button and make sure that you got the
"Tested OK" message.

--- If audio system included -----------------------
3. In Control Panel - Multimedia: check "Show volume control on
the task bar".

4. If no Volume Control is installed, install it from the Control
Panel with "Add New Software" - Windows Setup/Multimedia.

5. With Volume Control unmute Wave Device and ensure it is working by
playing any .wav file (e.g. from Control Panel - Sounds).
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