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Harmony 18020-4
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Windows 95-98-98Se-NT
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This disk contains the modem INF file for Windows95, WindowsNT4.0.


*Plug&Play modem under Windows95:

If your modem card is external type, use Windows95's Start button,
then select Settings/Control Panel/System, under System, select
Device Manager, then select Refresh button.
If your modem is internal type, just plug in the modem and power
on the PC.

Windows95 will prompt you a new hardware have been found
and request for driver.

Please select Driver from manufacture and insert this driver disk.

*Internal Plug&Play modem under DOS:

Insert your modem into PC correctly.

If your PC do not support Plug&Play BIOS, then your modem card
may not work correctly. Please run setpnp.exe included in this
disk to set the modem to desired comm port. For more information
about setpnp.exe please see setpnp.txt.

*Non Plug&Play modem under Windows95 & WindowsNT4.0:

Insert your modem into PC correctly(internal) or connect to serial
port of your PC(external).

Push Windows95's Start button, then select
Settings/Control Panel/Modem, under Modem, Select Add, then check
the "Don't auto detect modem,..." and push Next, then select Have a
disk and push Next.

Insert the driver disk and follow the steps.
*VoiceView Modem:

The default modem driver remove automatic install procedure for
VoiceView function. If you need VoiceView function. Please select
modem driver located in \VV subdirectory for modem installtion.
WindowsNT4.0 do not support Plug&Play modem. Please use legacy modem
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