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Harmony 18010-2 336 ACF-SP
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1. Hayes Compatible AT Command Set


+++ Escape to command mode
Upon on-line mode, it will remain the connection and switch
the modem to command mode. The character of "Escape command"
is defined by S-Register "S2".
ATA Answer command
The modem will go off-hook and attempt to answer incoming call.
A/ Repeat last command
ATBn Select CCITT or BELL Mode, where n = 0 or 1
n=0 CCITT Mode
n=1 BELL Mode (Default)

ATDstring Dial command, where "string" is the combination of the
following parameters and modifiers:
0 - 9 Dial Digit
* The "star" digit on tone dialing mode
# The "gate" digit on tone dialing mode

Dial modifiers:
P Pulse dial.
T Tone dial.
W Wait for dial tone.
, Pause.
! Flash.
; Command append.
S=n Dial a stored number.
ATEn Command Echo
The modem enables or disables the echo of character to the DTE
according to the parameter supplied. The parameter value, if
valid, is written to S14 bit 1.
ATE0 Do not echo commands
ATE1 Echo commands (Default)

ATHn Disconnect (Hang-Up)
This command initiates a hang up sequence.
ATH0 The modem will release the line if the modem is currently
on-line,and will terminate any test (AT&T) that is in
progress.Country specific,modulation specific,and error
correction protocol specific(S38) processing is handled
outside of the H0 command.
ATH1 If on-hook,the modem will go off-hook and enter command
mode.For US models,the modem will remain off-hook,For
W-class models,the modem will return on-hook after a
period of time determined by S7.
ATIn Identification
The modem reports to the DTE the requested result according to the
command parameter.
ATI0 Reports product code(e.g.,"33600").
ATI1 Reports a precomputed checksum (normally "255").
ATI2 Reports "OK".
ATI3 Reports firmware revision (VX.XXX)
ATI4 Reports OEM defined identifier string
ATI5 Reports Country Code parameter
ATI6 Reports modem data pump model and internal code revision
e.g.,RC288DPi Rev CE).
ATI7 Reports "255"
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