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Chapter 1: Introduction
Modem Package
The Data/Fax/Voice/Speakerphone Modem Card

Chapter 2: Installation
Selecting a Communication Port
Installing the Modem
Connecting the Modem to the Telephone Line
Installing a Software Package
Checking the Installation
Initialization String Set-up

Chapter 3: AT commands and S Registers
Functional States
Configuration Profiles
AT Command Syntax
AT Command set
Status Register Summary

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting
Software Settings
Troubleshooting Procedures

Chapter 1: Introduction


This Data/Fax/Voice/Speakerphone Modem Is a personal computer internal plug-in card, special made for the ISA bus in the IBM compatible Personal computers. It supports the Plug and Play (PnP) function to make the installation real easy for you.

As a data modem, it serves as a communication link between your computer and a remote computer, allowing you to transmit or receive data over the telephone lines. And it is compatible with the ITU-T V.34+ (33,600 bits per second), CCITT V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.21, and Bell 103, 212 standards, and provides line speeds from 33600 bits per second to 300 bits per second.

As a Fax modem, it lets you to use your computer as a fax machine, transmitting documents to and receiving them from remote fax machines and/or fax modems. It is compatible with CCITT V.17, V29, V.27ter and Group 3 Fax standards, provides line speeds from 14,400 to 2,400 bits per second, and sends and receives faxes using class 2 fax commands.

As Voice modem (if hardware supports), it provides the answer machine functions, recording a voice message, playing pre-recorded message back, and recording the message from remote telephone users.

As Speakerphone modem (if hardware supports), it provides the all functions as Voice modem above and with external speaker and microphone, it provides user the hand free and conference speaker phone functions.

The Modem functions as a 33,600 bits per data modem, a 14,400 bits per second fax modem with 115,200 bits per second data rate to and from your computer.

This manual explains how to set up and install the Modem and operates the modem using the AT command set.

Modem Package

In addition to the modem itself, the modem package includes the following:
This user's manual
A communication software package (Optional)
An RJ-11C phone cord
A setup floppy diskette

After you unpack the modem card, check it for shipping damage. Rough handling during shipping causes most early modem failures. If you notice any damage, contact your dealer.

The Modem Card

Before reading chapter 2, which describes how to install the modem, take a moment to examine the jumper switches on the modem card and the jacks on the rear of the modem.

The jumper switch (JP1) is to select the Windows 95 PnP operation system or the other system which does not support PnP function, such as DOS/Windows 3.1 operation system. If your PC is running Windows 95, the jumper switch JP1 should be in, which will enable the Plug and Play (PnP) function and which will make your installation of this modem card easy.

There may be more jumpers on the card. They are used for other purposes and are set to have the maximum performance of your modem. Please do not change other jumpers. It may degrade the performance or damage the modem and/or your system in some extreme case.

There are two jacks on the rear (bracket) of the card. One is labeled as "LINE", which is to plug in the supplied RJ-11C phone cord and the other end is to plug into the phone jack in the wall. The other jack is labeled as "PHONE", which is to connect your telephone set to the modem or your other telephone devices, so that you may use the same wall jack for both the modem and the devices you original use without change your original telephone device setup. Please refer to FCC Regulations at the beginning of this manual for the important rules and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) information.
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