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Guillemot Maxi Fax Memory
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Windows 3.x-95-98
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With MAXiFax-Memory you can receive, memorize and
even pass faxes to any other fax-machine - all at
switched off computer!
MAXiFax-Memory is compatible with many popular
fax-applications and modems on the market, which are
based on chipsets of manufacturers like ROCKWELL,
SIERRA, AT&T, UMC and Texas Instruments DSP, e.g.;

- Creatix
- US-Robotics
- Hayes
- Zyxel U-1496 E-PLUS

and many additional's...

MAXiFax-Memory of course works together with many
popular fax-programs, e.g.:

- Delrina Winfax
- WinPhone
- WIN 95 Exchange

and many other's...

If you have any problem in conjunction with your fax-
program or -modem try to call your next Guillemot International-BBS.
Perhaps you can already find an more actual version of
the MAXiFax-Memory program.

The technical support phone-no. is:

(+44) 0181 944 9000

Additional BBS's are under construction.

Of course you might to send us an fax in which you describe
your problem in a short manner. Don't forget to specify which
fax-program you're using and which fax-modem the problem occured.
Further it's interesting which operating-system is istalled on
your computer. If we are able to reproduce and eleminate this
problem, we'll make this actualised version of MAXiFax-Memory
program avaiable in our BBS for your download.
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