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The modem software drivers described in this note were built on October 16, 1998. This is a release
candidate version of V.90 drivers for Lucent Apollo ISA platform and Lucent Mars PCI platform.

Apollo - This version of drivers will run on DSP1642-CC, DSP1641-CC, DSP1643-CH, DSP1644-CH, and
DSP1641B-CH ROM code. 56K and V.90 will work only on the CH ROM codes; this is a run time check
Mars - this version of drivers will run on DSP1645 and DSP1646 - AB ROM codes.
This version of drivers does not require the external SRAMS for K56flex or V.90.
Changes since Version 5.27 for Apollo and Mars
Mars Power Management: D3 Cold: The driver would support D3 Cold state if the PC issues a Suspend
Command. Previous version of drivers supported D3 Hot State and D3 Cold State. However for multiple
suspend/resume if the modem driver is not loaded, this feature was not fully working, the power
consumption was not low. This version fixes this bug with multiple suspend/resume even when the modem
Port is not used. Support of D3 State to pass MICROSOFT PCI verification test for logo purposes. No
other functional change.

Win NT 4.0 : Added code to do interface with the Power Management Port Driver for this laptop to
support suspend/resume under Win NT 4.0.
What is the different with Original Lucent 5.29 Device
a) Added COM Port changing capability in the System Device Driver Properties.
b) Added Quick and Easy uninstallation from the Control Panel > Add Remove Program.
c) Added Multi-Country Selection from Control Panel "Modem Country Select".
Installation Guide
a. Install the PCI modem card into a Free PCI slot.
b. Boot-up the System and go MS Windows95.
c. MS Windows95 will detect the card and prompt for the drivers.
d. Insert the driver disk or CD into the floppy drive or CD-ROM drive.
e. Direct the installation process to the floppy disk or CD-ROM drive.
f. During the process, the installation will prompt for "Wave device for modem".
g. Again select the floppy disk or CD-ROM as the source and continue with the installation.
h. Upon completion, go to Control Panel and double click on the modem icon.
i. Go to the Diagnostic Tab and select the modem.
j. Click on the More Info button to test the modem.
k. If the test shows a list of ATI commands, then the installation is successful.
l. Next select the modem to the correct country type.
Using Country Select Applet (for Win95)
i) Go to Control Panel
ii) Click on 'Modem Country Select' applet
iii) Select the type of country required in the pull down menu and click 'OK'
o. Then complete the installation by restarting MS Windows95.
Under Windows NT 4.0
1. Add Port from Control Panel -> Port
a) Before adding port, check the available of free IRQ of your computer.
b) Go to Start->Program->Administration->Windows NT Diagnostic
c) Go to Control Panel-> Port -> Add -> Have Disk
d) Specify the location of the Modem Driver and “Controllerless Modem Port” will be shown.
e) Usually, Com3 takes up address 3E8~3EF and Com4 takes up address 2E8~2EF
2. Add the modem to use the COM port created.
a) Control Panel->Add New Hardware->Modem->HaveDisk
b) Specify the location of the Modem Driver and LT Win Modem will be shown.
c) Continue and specify the modem to use the Com Port that you have created.

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