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Fida Hurricane 8600
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Windows 98-98Se-Me-2000-XP
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SECTION 1 Letís Begin
1.1 Package Contents P1
1.2 Product View P2
1.3 What you need to start ADSL P3
SECTION 2 Hardware Installation
2.1 Hardware Configuration Overview P4
2.2 Connecting Hurricane 8600 to PC P5
2.3 Connecting Hurricane 8600 to Phone/ Fax P5
SECTION 3 Software Installation
3.1 Two alternative methods to Install P6
3.1.1 Manual Installation (Recommended) P7 - P8
3.1.2 Plug and play Installation P9 - P12
3.2 Verifying the setup - DSL, CSA P13 - P15
SECTION 4 Begin to Surf
4.1 Connect to Internet P16
4.2 Release Connection P17
SECTION 5 Frequently Ask Questions and Troubleshooting P18 - P23
SECTION 6 Uninstalling Hurricane 8600 ADSL Modem P24
SECTION 7 PROLiNK Technical Support P25
What you need to start the ADSL
DSL Line
* ADSL ( Broadband) Service must be activated on your telephone line
* If you are sharing the line with more than 1 phone, micorfilter (s) must be installed to
decoupling ADSL and telephone signals.
ervice Provider
* You must get a User Name and Password from your local Internet Service Provider for
Internet Access.
* Pentium II MMX 233 or higher IBM Compatible PC
* Microsoft Windows 98SE / ME / 2000/ XP
* 64MB of RAM
* 20 MB of free Hard Disk Space
* Available USB port
* CD-ROM drive for drivers and software installation

2.2 Connecting Hurricane 8600 to PC
Step 1: One end of the USB cable is to be connected to the USB port of your computer.
Step 2: The other end of the USB cable is to be connected to the modem.
2.3 Connecting Hurricane 8600 to Phone
From PC Telephone
From PCís USB port Hurricane 8600
Step 3: One end of the telephone cable (RJ-11) is to be connected to the LINE jack on the
modem. Connect the other end of the telephone cable to the telephone wall socket.
Step 4: Either your telephone/ fax can be connected to the modemís PHONE jack.
There is NO NEED for microfilter in between as it is already built-in into the modem.
3.2 Verifying the Setup of Hurricane 8600
Once you Hurricane 8600 is setup successfully, these new items should be added into your system.
1. One icon on Desktop
Prolink H8600
2. One CSA icon (labelled DSL) in system tray on the right end of the taskbar.
3. Modem detected under Windowsís Device Manager
For Windows 98SE/ ME User
Go to Start >> Settings >>Control Panel >> System >> Device Manager >> Network Adapter
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