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Available 1 files for ThinCom Combo Card
Fax & Modem & ISDN
Exp ThinCom Combo Card
Operating Systems
MS-Dos 6 or higher-Windows 3.x-95
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Use these files with the ThinCom dual function (ethernet/modem)
PCMCIA card.

These drivers can operate both if Card and Socket services
compliant to the PCMCIA spec 2.1 (or upper) is present or not.

Procedure to use the board under DOS / Windows 3.1x / Windows 95

You need to choose whether you want to use ODI, NDIS2 or NDIS3 drivers. Use
the following table as a guide:

Network Environment Driver Section
------------ ------
1) Netware from DOS ODI
2) Netware from DOS and/or Windows 3.1x ODI
3) MS Windows Network from Windows 3.1x NDIS2 (ODI also possible, see 4)
4) Netware AND MS Win Network Win 3.1x ODI
5) Lan Manager NDIS2
6) Windows 95 NDIS3 Miniport

ODI Drivers
Two methods are available:

1) If your system is with Card and Socket Services (Prefered option):

WARNING: You MUST have a Card and Socket Services compliant to
the 2.1 PCMCIA spec. (or better) installed in your
config.sys !

-Boot the machine
-Plug the card into the PCCard Slot.
(Card Services will enable and configure the Card as a modem.
You'll hear some confirmation beeps.)
-run the following from the C:\THINCOM\ODI (or from the
directory the device drivers are installed under)
thincom (you'll hear some confirmation beeps)
netx (or VLMs not supplied in this disk for burst mode)
-You are ready to run under DOS
-You may also run the exnnet.bat under the same directory to automate
the login process

2) If your system does not have Card and Socket Serives compliant to 2.1
PCMCIA or better spec., run drivers with the enabler procedure:

* To use the enabler, you must NOT have any Card and Socket
Services loaded in your config.sys !
* The current enabler supports INTEL PCIC PCMCIA controller
* There should be access from D0000 to D1000 in upper
memory (exclude this region of memory used by memory
manager. i.e option X=D000-D0FF in EMM386.EXE in

* You may use the ThinCom card as
(A)Ethernet Operation only,
(B)Modem Operation only, or
(C)Simultaneous Dual Operation
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