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Release Note for Firmware
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Release Notes for Vigor2200We/Wplus
Firmware Version : v2.3.8
DrayTek Corp.
Date: Oct. 27 2003

Release Notes:
1. Firewall SPI improvement.
2. Support MPPE for MS-CHAP v1 authentication
3. Allow to specify MPPE encryption type on server side
4. NAT improvement
5. ARP attack defense in DoS.
6. IP conflict resolution
7. Support MSN 6.0 passthrough NAT
8. VoIP(SIP base)passthrough improvement
[Fixed problems]:
1. Fixed incorrect online time display for DHCP client
2. Fixed incorrect default gateway replacement for DHCP client
3. Other minor bugs.
Hints for upgrading router's Firmware:
Note: Normally the router has been installed the same version of the
firmware in the CD before
the shipping.
Using Firmware Upgrade Utility:
Firmware Upgrade Utility is a TFTP client software. Before
upgrading your router,
its TFTP srever should be enabled in advance and then the
utility could send new
firmware file to the router.
1. Using Web Configurator to enable TFTP server. Please click
"System Management"
> "Firmware Upgrade" to press OK button. Note that now the
router is running in
boot loader mode and waiting for upgrade. Now you will see
the left-most two LEDs
are blinking togather.
2. Launch the Firmware Upgrade Utility, and select the firmware
to send. After sending, please wait for 30 seconds to finish
the upgrade
Note: You should restart your web browser after firmware upgrade
to get the new
page of web configurator.
Supported Models:
Fax & Modem & ISDN
Draytek Vigor2200We-Wplus
All and rst
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Fax & Modem & ISDN
Draytek Vigor2200We-Wplus
User Guide for Firmware
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User Guide
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A virtual private network (VPN) is the extension of a private network that
encompasses links across shared or public networks like the Internet. A VPN enables you
to send data between two computers across a shared or public internetwork in a manner
that emulates the properties of a point-to-point private link.
There are two types of VPN connections: the remote dial-in access VPN connection and
the LAN-to-LAN VPN connection. The first, “Remote Dial-In Access” means the router
allows a remote access node, a NAT router or a single user computer, to dial into a VPN
router through the Internet to access the network resources of the remote network. The
second, “LAN-to-LAN Access”, provides a solution to connect two independent LANs for
mutual sharing of network resources. For example, the head office network can access
the branch office network, and vice versa.
Draytek Vigor router’s virtual private networking (VPN) supports Internet-industry standards
technology to provide customers with open interoperable VPN solutions such as Internet
Protocol Security (IPSec) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) as well as Point-to-Point
Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).
Virtual Private Network
Remote Access
This chapter explains the capabilities of VPNs and remote access on the router. Use the
following setup links on the Setup Main Menu to setup VPN and remote access functions.

The Remote Access Control Setup allows you to enable each type of VPN service or
disable it for VPN pass-through purpose. For example, you can enable IPSec and L2TP
VPN service on your router and disable PPTP VPN service if you intend running a PPTP
server inside your LAN. Futhur, you also can enable or disable the ISDN remote access
including remote dial-in and LAN-to-LAN access.
Use the PPP General Setup to configure your router’s PPP authentication method as
well as IP assignment range for remote dial-in user. This submenu only apply to PPP
related VPN type such as PPTP, L2TP and L2TP over IPSec, and ISDN-based remote
The VPN IKE / IPSec General Setup let you configure a common Pre-shared key and
security method for remote dial-in user or node(LAN-to-LAN) which uses dynamic ip.
Use The Remote Dial-In User Setup to create dial-in user accounts. Vigor router supports
three types of dial-in methods, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec and ISDN. The PPTP VPN
is compatable with all Windows plateforms which have PPTP protocol built -in. The L2TP
and L2TP over IPSec are compatible with Window 2000 and XP.
Use The LAN-to-LAN Profile Setup to create profiles for LAN to LAN VPNs. Vigor
router suppots four types of LAN-to-LAN VPN, IPSec Tunnel, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP over
IPSec and ISDN. Simultaneously you can establish up to 8 VPN tunnels including remote
dial-in users.
1. Remote Access Control Setup
Check the box to enable the VPN service type you want to provide. If you intend running
a VPN server inside your LAN, you should uncheck the appropriate protocol below to
allow pass-through, as well as the appropriate NAT settings. For example, DMZ or open
port. You also can allow the ISDN dial-in by checking Enable ISDN Dial-In.
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