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Diamond SupraExpress 56i Sp International
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-NT4-firmware
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SupraExpress 56e/i International ACF 1 Meg Series Windows 9x/NT firmware update.

Applicable files
V.90 and 56Flex:

supraexpress_56-215x_2200-firmware.exe (most current version V2.200-01)

Release Notes
These firmware updates are provided for those who are experiencing difficulty with
their modem's current firmware. Unless you are experiencing connection or operation
difficulties with the modem, there should be no need to upgrade your firmware.
Firmware updates are created to deal with specific issues that may arise with
previous versions. In some cases, a firmware update may negatively affect the
situation. And for some modems there are no "flash-backs" to the previous firmware
versions to correct this.

Connection rates of 42K and above are common 56K connections for most phone lines.
If your modem is operating properly, but only connecting at these connection ranges,
Diamond/S3 would not recommend updating the firmware. This is because it is not likely
that a firmware/driver update will improve these connection speeds.

Before considering updating the firmware/drivers, you may want to first try the

1) Try various initialization strings suggested on our web site, www.s3.com.
2) Try dialing into another number. The situation may only be present when dialing
into a specific number's equipment.
3) Test the line quality with the AT&V1 command.

If the situation persists after trying the above, then it may be beneficial to
update the modem's firmware.

It is recommeded that you use the V2.200 version of the firmware unless specifically
instructed otherwise by Diamond/S3 technical support.

Installation Instructions
You should print this document for easy reference.

1. Download the file onto your hard driver or a floppy disk. In your browser, click on
the file name. Your browser should prompt as to where you would like to save the file.
You should note the location (i.e. c:\windows\temp, a:\, etc).

2. When the download is complete, you should disconnect from the internet and close
all open programs.

3. You will need to determine what comport your modem is using prior to running the
update.(NT users note which com they installed the modem to) To do this:

A. Click Start/Settings/Conrol Panel.
B. Double-click on Modems.
C. Click Diagnostic. Make a note of the comport listed in the "Port" column
next to the Diamond modem. Use the first of the two modems for this selection.
D. Close all windows.

4. You should then need to extract the files from the downloaded file. Click
Start\Run\Browse. Locate the downloaded file. It should be in the noted location from
step 1 above. Click OK and then OK again.

5. For the V2.200 version, click OK to the Introductory Self-extractor window.
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