Diamond SupraExpress 56 External PC Download Drivers

Available 1 files for SupraExpress 56 External PC
Fax & Modem & ISDN
Diamond SupraExpress 56 External PC
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98se-Me-NT
Size Driver
File Name
SupraExpress 56 (non-USB) Series Windows 9x/NT INF files
Applicable files

Release Notes
These INF's are provided for those who might have lost their original
disks or received a modem before certain Microsoft functionality was
available. If your modem is working correctly with your system, there
is no reason to install new INF files.

Installation Instructions
You should print this document for easy reference.

There are two possible paths for installing these files on your computer.
The first path is for those who have not installed any drivers for thier
modem. The second is for those who have already installed INF files for
their modem.

Installation Process 1:
For those who have installed no INF files:

1. Label a blank formatted floppy disk, "SupraExpress 56 INF files."

2. Insert the disk into the floppy drive.

3. Download the file onto a floppy disk. In your browser, click on the
file name, supraexpress_56-driver.exe. Your browser should prompt as to
where you would like save the file. You should select the floppy drive, "a:\"
(without the quotes).

4. When the download is complete, you should disconnect from the internet
and close all open programs.

5. You should then need to extract the files from the downloaded file.
Click Start\Run\Browse. Locate the supraexpress_56-driver.exe file on the
floppy drive, "a:." Click OK and then OK again.

6. A Self-Extractor window should appear. "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP" should appear
in the Unzip To Folder window. This is the default location. You should change
this to "a:" (without the quotes). Click on the Unzip button.

7. After the files have been extracted click OK to the "success" window and
then Close to exit the extractor program.

At this point the files have been extracted and are ready for use to install.
You should be able to install your modem in the manner described in the
installation guide that accompanied the modem. When prompted for a driver disk,
use the disk you just created.
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