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CTX 1010 Ethernet ADSL2+Router
Product Specification
General Description: The CTX1010 Ethernet ADSL2+ Router is a full-featured ADSL2+
Router, which provides 10/100Base-T and MDI/MDI-X auto sensing
Ethernet to directly connecting to individual PCs or local area network.
Offering easy installation and cost-effective connection for
ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ broadband access service.
The CTX1010 ADSL2+ Router provides the full rate maximum
24Mbps download speed with maximum 1024Kbps upload speed. The
CTX1010 is a stand alone equipment which can be simply configured
through TFTP and configuration file. Easy configuration function
guarantees the best performance on CO settings. No need user
intervention. SNMP allows you to manage the network on remote side
and TFTP enables further feature enhancement and reconfiguration.
Included DHCP server assigns IP addresses to all workstations on
your LAN.
All products are made in TL9000 approved factory. The CTX1010
ADSL2+ Router complies with FCC part15 & part68 regulations and
CE approval.
Features and Benefits: - IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u over UTP (10/100Base-T & MDI/MDIX
auto sensing) for easy installation and configuration
- Full rate operation with up to 24Mbps downstream data rate and up
to 1024 Kbps upstream enables High-speed access to ISP or
corporate network
- Friendly GUI Configuration and Management software
- Ongoing feature enhancements through TFTP download or upload
of newfirmware and configuration files
- Supports multiple PVC up to 8 PVCs for RFC 1483 and ATM
Forum UNI 3.0, 3.1 and 4.0 signaling for SVC
- Supports VPI/VCI auto-detection, full VPI range (8 bits, 0-255) and
VCI range (16 bits, 0-65535) over PVC. VPI is limited to VPI 0 only
over SVC.
- Enables end-to-end ATM support, which allows traffic management
and QoS.
- Built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to all
workstations on your LAN.
- Remote management over EOC, PVC or IP with auto detection of
transport channel.
- All management and monitoring can be done through SNMP or
Telnet session.
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