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Fax & Modem & ISDN
Conceptronic C128E2
Operating Systems
Windows 98-98Se-Me-2000-XP
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Version : V1.14
Version updating list:
V1.14 - Configuration utility V1.6
Add bandwidth on demand and call bumping

V1.13 - Configuration utility V1.5

V1.11 - Configuration utility V1.3

V1.10 - Configuration utility V1.2

V1.09 - Configuration utility V1.1

V1.08 - Adding Multilink PPP directly dialing two time use same number

V1.07 - Adding 230.4k baudrate

V1.06 - Adding HDLC transparent

V1.05 - Adding X75 SLP, T.70 btx and T.90 NL protocol for WIN95/98/NT4.0

V1.04 - Modify AT!Z=nZ to AT!Z=n

V1.03 - Adding plug and play function for different customer
Win 98 release announcement

V1.02 - Adding plug and play function need V1.01 and later version
of firmware.

V1.01 - First release

1.Files listing
2.Special note for Multilink PPP
3.Win95/98 setup procedure for ISDN-TA/MLP
4.WinNT 4.0 setup procedure for ISDN-TA/MLP
5.WinNT 3.51 setup procedure for ISDN-TA/MLP
6.Flash program updating procedurce
7.Special note for 230.4k under windows95/98

1. Files list:
readme.txt : all function can be provided in this disk
ConfigTA.exe : configuration utility for Windows
isdnmlp1.inf : ISDN-TA/MLP driver for Win95/Win98/NT 4.0
modem.inf : for WinNT 3.51
(in subdirectory \NT35DRV)
flashta.exe : upgrade the firmware code

2. Special note for Multilink PPP
When TA set on PPP mode:

Dial string set two ISDN telephone number via a line command.

Example: Dial no. 4125678A4125678

The "A" or ":" sign instructs the TA to dial out second telephone to
establish 128Kbps connection for Multilink PPP.
For Win95 ,the "A" separator is recommanded.

If TA dials one telephone number only,it will do 64Kbps connection
for PPP protocol.
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