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USB Radio21 Quick Installation Guide (V5.05)

Software Installation Steps

Note : 1. The software of USB Radio21 only can be run under
Windows 2000, Windows 98
2. For the users have ever installed the V5.00 driver,
please update the driver first. The procedures are as following...
Open Control Panel/System/Device Manager, find the USB Radio in
the tree list. Double click it and Choose the driver page.
Then click the update button, Windows system will prompt
to ask you to update the new driver.

For Windows 98/2000

(1). Insert your USB Radio21 Utility diskette into drive A or B.
(2). Select Start button.
(3). Select Run Command.
(4). Type A:\SETUP (or B:\SETUP)
(5). After you have started up the setup program of the USB
Radio 21, just simply follow the instructions displayed on the
screen step by step.
1). Before you install USB Radio21, please do make sure you have
installed the right driver for the sound card plugged into
your PC. For example, if you use Windows 98, the driver for
the sound card must be the Windows 98 version. Otherwise, you
cannot make your USB Radio21 working properly.
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