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Readme for USB ISDN Adapter
1. Alterations against manual:

a-law/-law switch:

a-law/-law selection is made automatically by selected
D-Channel protocol. You may override this automatic selection by
using this configuration switch.
To change this setting open the network control panel and display
the properties of the 'USB ISDN Adapter WAN-Miniport + Capi 2.0'.
Switch to the 'advanced' tab on the property pages and
select 'a/b Speech coding'. Change the value to your needs.
You will have to reboot before the change will take effect.

2. Limitations / Known issues:

2.1. Installation under Windows 98:

If the Microsoft Dial-Up-Networking was not installed at any time on
your Windows 98 system it will be installed automatically during the
installation of the USB ISDN Adapter.

If you had installed the Microsoft Dial-Up-Networking any time before on
your Windows 98 system but it isn't installed anymore please use the
Add/Remove programs control panel to install the Dial-Up-Networking.

2.2. Driver under Windows 98 Second Edition:

Windows 98 Second Edition Problems with NDIS Intermediate Drivers
On a computer that is running Windows 98 Second Edition and using
networking software that is implemented as a Network Driver Interface
Specification (NDIS) intermediate driver, one of the following symptoms
may occur:

The computer may stop responding (hang) while starting up or shutting down.

Your network throughput and overall network performance may gradually
decrease, sometimes to the point that the computer hangs or becomes
completely unresponsive to network requests.
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