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PCI Radio Quick Installation Guide
Hardware and Driver Installation:

(1). Shutdown and power off your computer first. Open the PC case and
plug the PCI radio card into any PCI slot in the motherboard. If
the PC has a sound card, plug the PCI Radio's RCA cable into the
existing LINE IN port of the sound card. If not, plug the RCA jack
into any speakers. Note that the recording function is not available
when running the PCI Radio software in this way.

(2). Turn on the PC. The MS windows will automatically detect PCI Radio
and look for a driver. If a driver is not found, it will then prompt
for one. At this time, make sure that your PCI Radio diskette is inserted
into your computer floppy drive.
Software Installation:

Note : The software of PCI FM Radio only can be run under
MS Windows 98 or MS Windows 95, Windows NT and 2000
are also supported.

For Windows 95/98

(1). Insert your FM Radio Utility diskette into drive A or B.
(2). Select Start button.
(3). Select Run Command.
(4). Type A:\SETUP (or B:\SETUP)
(5). After you have started up the setup program of the FM
Radio , just simply follow the instructions displayed on the
screen step by step.
1). Before you install FM Radio , please do make sure you have
installed the right driver for the sound card plugged into
your PC. For example, if you use Windows 98, the driver for
the sound card must be the Windows 98 version. Otherwise, you
cannot make your FM Radio working properly.
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