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Broadxent DI5611
Modem Blaster V.92 PCMCIA
Operating Systems
Windows 95
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Windows 95 Setup Disk For Modem Blaster PCMCIA 1. Installing Modem Blaster PCMCIA in DOS/Windows 3.x

Refer to the "Read Me First" leaflet.

2. Installing Modem Blaster PCMCIA under Windows 95

Follow these steps to install the Modem Blaster PCMCIA under
Windows 95:

Hold the modem so that the Modem Blaster logo is facing up. Insert
the modem into the PCMCIA slot on the computer. The modem only
inserts one direction into the computer. Gently push the modem into
the PCMCIA slot until it is seated on the connector in the
computer. Usually the computer beeps when the card is installed.

Windows 95 will detect the Modem Blaster, and you will be prompted
for the manufacturer's disk. Insert the Win95 Setup diskette (this
diskette) into drive A or B of your system and choose OK. Follow
the instruction on the screen to complete the installation.

3. Connecting the telephone line

Refer to "Connecting the telephone line" section in the
"Read Me First" leaflet.

4. Installing the communications software under Windows 95

Insert the communications software setup disk into drive A or B.
On the taskbar, click the Start button and Choose Run. Type
"A:\INSTALL" or "B:\INSTALL" and choose OK. Follow the on-screen
instructions to complete the installation.
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