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Fax & Modem & ISDN
Aztech PCI 3328
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT4
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1. This CD contains 6 Languages drivers for both Windows 95/98 and
Windows NT 4.0, which are:
- English
- Dutch
- French
- German
- Italian
- Spanish

2. Under Win95, at minimum level of recording, doing Stereo Recording will
not have obvious effect.

3. This card do not support the games under pure DOS.

4. MPU401 is not supported under DOS box.

5. If you encountered joystick is not detected after the driver installation,
please install DirectX5 and give it a try.

6. Using Cyrix 6x86 M1 CPU, will give high pitch noise when playing wave file.
Using Cyrix 6x86 M2 is OK.

7. Please use only bundled software to achieve optimum performance.

8. Games compatibility:
- During the games detection, if the system hanged, please manually select
Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster Compatible as sound output.
- During the game settings, if Sound Blaster Pro Compatible option is
available, please select it. This will improve the game performance.

9. On some VX motherboard, the Microsoft Gamepad is not detected.
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