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Aztech EM 3850
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Windows 95-NT
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This file contains additional information and changes about the various
software that is not available at printing time.
AT Commands

For Standard AND Enhanced AT Command Set, please refer to the document
(ATCOMSET.DOC) copied to \Windows directory. To view this document, you
need to have Microsoft Words v6.0c or above.
56K Connection

This software has been specially customised to allow 56K connection
using -law modulation format used by most countries in the US and Asia
(e.g. Japan etc.). If you are unable to achieve 56K data connection
(depending on the line condition, in most cases, connection at speed
around 44K to 50K is more reasonable), please check up with your local
ISP for details.

In view of various countries communication standard, a utility
(SETCNTRY.EXE) for setting a and law is included in this version of
setup. This utility will be copied into \Windows directory and will
be executed immediately after modem installation for setting the modem
to the respective country. The various country supported are US, Japan,
Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia standards.

Note : As for Hong Kong having optional standards, if problems encountered
in 56K connection, simply run the SETCNTRY.EXE in \Windows directory and
select the other Hong Kong option.(HongKong (a) or HongKong ()).
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