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Archtek 1414BCV-BCL 14.4kbps Voice Fax
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Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT-2000-XP
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Windows 95 - OSR2 - Modem Driver Installation

The screen message will be as follows after Windows 95 was run.
'New Hardware Found' "Your Modem Name Here"

1. Then on the screen the message will show "Update Device Driver Wizard"
click "Next" to install "Your Modem Name Here" driver.

2. Press "Other location" then "Browse" buttons, put the driver diskette
into the floppy drive. Next find root directory of the diskette or
CD-ROM. Press "Ok" twice then "Finish" once.

Note: The original Windows 95 (OSR2) disc is needed during setup.

3. "Wave Device " message appears then when you see the message "Update
Device Driver Wizard " shows on the screen. Install the driver again.
Follow the procedures as in step 2.

4. The new modem can work right after all the configurations were set up.
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