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Amquest V1456VQH-R or R4 ISA
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Amquest 230K driver for Win95 and Win NT 4/28/98

This driver and INF file is used for Windows 95 or NT 4.0 only.

I. What does it do?

These INF/Driver files will update your Windows 95 modem driver so that you can select the
maximun DTE speed to 230,400 bps.

The DTE speed is sometimes called the maximum throughput speed. It is the maximum speed your
modem's UART will communicate to the PC. The line speed is the speed the modem transmit data
through the telephone line. Because your Amquest modem has built-in data compression, the data
is actually being sent from your PC to the other end at 4 to 8 times the line speed. That is
why the throughput is 230K.

II. Which modem can you use this driver for?

If your modem is set to non PnP mode, this driver can be used for all Amquest modems. If your
modem is in PnP modem, this driver is only useful if you have a retail Amquest Hypermodem. If
your modem comes installed in the computer, you need to make sure the modem is in non PnP mode.

III. First time installation.

If you have never installed this modem before, Windows 95 will automatically detect your modem
if it is set to PnP mode. Otherwise, you need to click "Add Hardware" from the "Control Panel"
then ask Windows to detect your new hardware and add the modem.
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