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Ambient 56k PCI Data Fax Voice
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Windows 95-98
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First time installation:
If you are installing the modem for the first time go to the INSTALL section.

Updating drivers:
If you are updating your existing drivers, you need to perform the UNINSTALL
section fisrt and then INSTALL your modem.
To INSTALL the CLM Modem

Once you have installed the CLM modem card into your system,
just reboot. When your system restarts (and after network logon,
if appropriate), Windows/Memphis will recognize the CLM modem as
a new device for which it has no built-in support. Since it does
not recognize the device, it will display the new device dialog
and will prompt you to search for a driver for the new device.
You should insert the 'CLM Install Diskette' and press OK.

The Install Wizard will search the diskette and find the drivers
for the modem (Cirrus xxx CLM95). Select the CLM modem and continue.
Windows will copy the files to their proper directories,
run COMFIX to map the modem to COM4, and will start the modem front
panel applet as a tray icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Installation will also make several additions to the Registry
to support the CLM files. When the installation completes, the
CLM Control Panel utility will automatically start to allow you
to change user preferences and the CLM COM port.

If you need to use a DOS-based communications application, then you
must reboot after the installation finishes. The DOS support driver
is loaded at Windows startup time, so it will not be loaded immediately
after the installation process completes. After the first reboot, however,
the driver will be loaded automatically each time that you boot.
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