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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Version 2.00 release of the Keytronic Smartcard
Driver. This release provides the necessary files needed to enable
smart card aware application(s) or service provider(s) to communicate
with a smart card through a PC/SC compliant Keytronic Smartcard Keyboard
attached to a PC.

2. Win95/Win98 Smartcard Base Components

Windows 95/98 users must first install Microsoft's Smartcard
Base Components prior to installation of this driver. A copy
of these files is contained on this disc in the folder SCBASE,
or a recent version can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Double click on the file "scbase.exe" to install the Microsoft base
components. During installation the system will ask if you wish
to reboot now - click on 'yes' and allow the system to reboot.
Then continue on to driver installation in step 3 below.

DO NOT install the Microsoft Smartcard Base components for any
operating systems other than Windows 95 or Windows 98.

3. Keytronic Smartcard Driver Installation

The Keytronic Smartcard Drivers are installed by double-clicking
on the executable file titled "Install.exe". A window describing
smartcard security will appear and ask if you wish to proceed.
If you click on "OK" the driver will be loaded and you should
now reboot your machine to complete the installation.

4. Keytronic Smartcard Driver Uninstall

To uninstall the the Keytronic Smartcard Driver run the file
"Uninstall.exe". A window will appear asking if you really wish
to remove the Keytronic smartcard driver files. If you click on
"OK" the driver files will be removed, but if you installed the
Microsoft Smartcard Base Components above, they will need to be
removed separately using Microsoft's 'Add/Remove Programs' as
detailed in the base components readme file. After uninstall of
Keytronic Smartcard Driver (and the Microsoft Smart Card Base
Components if necessary) the machine must be rebooted.
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