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1. Installation
2. Using the MouseWorks control panel
3. Things to Watch Out For
4. What's New
5. Known Issues
6. Uninstalling MouseWorks
7. How to Report a Bug
8. How to Contact Kensington

MouseWorks 6.0.3 does NOT support:
- Windows 95
- Windows NT
- WebRacer
- Any mouse or trackball connected to a serial port

If you need driver support for any of these products, please download
MouseWorks version 5.61 from the Kensington website.
1. Installation

CAUTION! Before starting the install process, close all active running
applications, and save your data.

1) Make sure that you are logged onto your Windows 2000/XP system with
an account that has sufficient user privileges to modify the registry and
install device drivers.

2) Make sure your device is plugged in. You can plug in a USB device
without restarting. If you plug a device into a PS/2 port, you will need to
restart your computer before proceeding with installation.

When your computer first discovers the new device attached, the "Add New
Hardware Wizard" will run and install the default drivers for the device.
After the "Add New Hardware Wizard" completes its task, you can proceed to
install MouseWorks.

3) If installing from a CD-ROM, insert the MouseWorks CD-ROM into your
CD-ROM drive. The Setup application should launch automatically. If it does
not start automatically, then

(a) Click the Start menu and choose Run.

(b) Then, click the Browse button and choose the CD-ROM drive.

(c) To install the software, select Mworks\SETUP.EXE, click OK
and follow the instructions.

If installing from a downloaded file, simply locate the file SETUP.EXE
(after unzipping the archive, if necessary), double-click it, and follow
the instructions.

4) You will see a window that says, "Do you want to check the Kensington
website for the latest MouseWorks software?" We recommend clicking Yes.
This will ensure that the version of MouseWorks you install is the very
latest one available.

5) When prompted, restart your computer to complete the installation
2. Using the MouseWorks Control Panel

MouseWorks is now integrated into the Mouse control panel. To configure
MouseWorks, double-click the Mouse icon in your Control Panels folder
(or click the new MouseWorks System Tray icon).
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