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1. Installing the VersaPoint Plus DOS Driver
2. Using the VersaPoint Plus DOS Driver
3. Using the VersaPoint Plus Command Line Changes
4. Trouble Shooting Tips & Technical Details
5. How VersaPoint Technology Works
6. Useful Definitions: Mouse Buttons & Click Buttons
7. About VersaPoint Products
8. About Interlink Electronics
9. Technical Support
1. Installing the VersaPoint Plus DOS Driver

Before you install your new software, make a backup copy of the original
program disk using the DOS DISKCOPY command or the Windows disk copy utility
in File Manager.

The Windows installation will automatically install the DOS Driver files.
However, if you do not have Windows, you can copy the files onto your
hard disk using the DOS COPY command. To do this:

Create a new directory for the files. The default directory used by the
Windows installer is "c:\versaptp".

Copy all of the files in the "\DOS" directory on the VersaPoint Plus
installation disk to this directory. To do this:

3. Using the VersaPoint Plus DOS Driver

The VersaPoint Plus DOS Driver is can be run by typing the following
at the DOS prompt:


where "directory" is the directory name where you installed the software.
For example, if you installed the software into the default \versaptp
directory, you would type:


The driver can be unloaded from memory by running the same command with
a /u switch as follows:

C:\"directory"\VPPDOS /U

By default, the DOS driver will use the same COM port assignment that
you configure in the Windows driver. However, you can override that
assignment by using the /p switch:

C:\directory\VPPDOS /Px

where directory is the installed directory and x is the COM port
number. You can also specify the port setting in the versaptp.ini
file in the "port=" setting. Set the port number equal to the COM
port number minus one. That is, COM1 would be port=0, COM2 would be
port=1, etc.
3. Using the VersaPoint Plus Command Line Changes for DOS

For the VersaPoint Plus DOS driver, command line changes are used to adjust
and activate the various features. To make command line changes, add the
appropriate switches to the end of the VPPDOS command as shown.
The commands are:

VPPDOS/? shows this list of commands
VPPDOS/O# specifies the "up" orientation of VersaPoint device
# = 0: normal up direction (default)
# = 1: up to left
# = 2: up is down, device is inverted
# = 3: up to right
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