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The Tablet Configuration Utilities (TCU) are a series of programs designed to test your tablet when you are troubleshooting
problems and to configure it. Many of the menu options described here are dynamic and, in some cases, tablet-specific, so
they may not be applicable to your system. You can use the TCU on your own to troubleshoot digitizer problems or configure
your tablet, or your Technical Support specialist may ask you to load it to assist him or her when diagnosing problems.
Download and Install the Tablet Configuration Utilities
1 On the Web site, click on the Support menu and select your tabletís manufacturer. Click on
the Test Program link.
2 Click on the TCU_Setup.exe link and download the file to a local directory on your PC.
3 Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded file. Double-click on the filename to begin the TCU installation.
Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
4 Select Start> Programs> GTCO CalComp TCU> Tablet Configuration Utilities to start up the TCU.
for Testing and Configuring GTCO CalComp Digitizers
Tablet Configuration Utilities
If your tablet is not being found by Windows and the TCU, it is possible that Windows or another application is using your
COM port. Sometimes Windows grabs a COM port and hangs on to it or installs an incompatible driver on it. Use the Windows
Device Manager to verify that your COM Ports are available to your tablet and all devices are working properly.
Using the Tablet Configuration Utilities
The TCU was designed to enable you to run diagnostics on, or configure, your tablet. In addition, the TCU provides a way for
GTCO CalCompís Tech Support specialists to remotely help you diagnose your systemís problems. The test utilities identify the
primary origins of system failure.
On the Main Screen, the options on the File menu offer a selection of utilities that test all the Serial ports, search for Wintab
drivers, and refresh system information. The Options menu provides a grid and cursor button test utility and a utility that
displays Wintab driver information.
The Main Screen
The TCU Main Screen is divided into two sections. The first section displays System Information and the bottom section
displays Device Information.
System Information Displays information about your operating system, COM port icons, and a TabletWorks icon,
when and if they are detected. The icons represent ports or driver interfaces that the user can
search for supported tablets.
Device Information Displays information about detected tablets, or an explanation when a search is unsuccessful.
You must have admin rights on your local computer to install this software.
Ensure all connections are properly seated.
Confirm that your tablet is plugged in to a communication port (RS232/Serial) and is powered On.
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