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9mm Trackball Module SPEC..||(9mmTrackballModuleSpecV03.pdf) 1.Prduct Overview
This document describes the functional specification of EZKEY 9.0mm trackball module. Its function is fully compatible
with the Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1/2.0 as well as the Human Interface Devices (HID) class
specification 1.1/2.0
2.General Description
This document defines the mechanical, electrical, and functional specifications of the USB 9.0mm trackball module. It
also defines the operational characteristics, compliance certifications, The module is USB 1.1/2.0 Full-speed mode that
report-rate can get up to 500 times/sec, and the low-speed mouse report-rate is under 125 times/sec. So, The module
500 report-rate is able to precisely select section of the image easily. Perhaps the motion easily would be a pen, It is
capable of driving up to 6 key-switches that are LB, MB, RB, Scroll up, Scroll down, CPI change keys. Pressing the CPI
change button can be switch to 400 or 800 CPI, and offer extra two switches, these switches can be control operation
mode of ball over module.
3. Product Features
?? USB interface.
?? Structure: Optics.
?? Speed: USB 1.1/2.0 Full-speed.
?? Report-rate: Can get up to 500 times/sec.
?? Offer 6 keys and 2 switches can be free design of customer.
?? Standard 3 keys: Compatible with Microsoft 3 keys mouse.
?? Extra 3 keys: CPI key is for changing 400 or 800 CPI, Scroll up/down keys are for control Microsoft
scrolling (Z axis).
?? Extra 2 switches: SW1 is control the ball of module is trackball mode or ball mouse mode, SW2 is control
the ball of module is cursor mode or imitate mouse wheel mode.
?? The function of SW3 / SW4 is RB or LB, depend on the change of SW1. (see 4.9 Circuit or 4.8.2 Matrix)
?? Module CPI default can select 400 or 800 CPI.
?? Module direction default can select 0?? or +90??.
?? Do not need to install any driver.
?? Compatible OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
?? Power Supply: 4.75~5.25 VDC , 100mA.
?? Module Size: 30(L)*26(W)*16.43(H) mm.
4. Electrical Specification
9.0mm trackball module in USB specification V1.1/2.0 and above for Full-speed device, as well as all requirements
defined in Device Class Definition for Human Interface Device (HID) specification V1.1/2.0
4.1 Operating Voltage
9.0mm trackball module must be functional correctly when voltage measured at USB connector in the range
of 4.75 VDC– 5.25 VDC.
4.2 Current Consumption
Under nominal 5 VDC power supply, when module in active mode, the current consumption must be less
than 100mA.
4.4 USB Signal Quality
USB signals voltage level and timing presented on D+ and D- pins shall comply with both USB Specification
V1.1/2.0 and above for Full-speed device and Device Class Definition for Human Interface Device (HID)
specification V1.1/2.0 and above. USB signal quality must meet USB-IF test requirements for Full-speed
4.5 USB Descriptors
4.5.1 VID/PID
VID??0x 0518
PID??0x 0010
4.5.2 Product String
Product string: Track Mouse
4.6 USB Protocol
The module USB protocol must meet requirements defined in USB specification V1.1/2.0 and above for
Full-speed device. USB protocol must meet USB-IF test requirement for Full-speed device.
Voltage drop on USB cable measured form USB connector to 4-Pin housing.
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