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I . The Mouse Control Panel Setup Program
II . Notes on Mouse Control Panel Features
1. Cursor Shape
2. Cursor Color
3. Cursor Size
4. Button Assignment
5. Hot-Key Assignment
6. Mouse Speed
7. Always visible
III. Installation Program Files
IV . Installing the Mouse Control Panel
V . Installing the PC-Mouse Driver


After you run the setup program (SETUP.EXE), the Mouse Control Panel
will be added to the startup group. So all of the settings in the
Mouse Control Panel will take effects every time you start your
Windows system.


II. Notes on Mouse Control Panel Features

1. Cursor Shape

You can use the default cursor, or change the windows mouse cursor to
right oriented shape.

2. Cursor Color

You have three kinds of color to choose: White, Black, Invert. Just to
chick on the icon in the "Cursor Color" group to select the correct
color you want.

3. Cursor Size

You have six kinds of size to choose. Just to click on the icon in the
"Cursor Size" group to select the correct size you want.

4. Button Assignment

You can reassign the middle mouse button or right mouse button to a new
function. But middle mouse button can be resigned only you have installed
the 3-button mode mouse driver (like Mouse Systems Mouse Driver, or Genius
Mouse Driver).

After you have reassigned the button a new function, the original button
click function will be defeat.

5. Hot-Key Assignment

You can assign a hot key to locate the mouse curor, or pop up Mouse Control
Panel at any time you wish.

(1). Locate Mouse Cursor : You can specify a hot key to locate the mouse
cursor position. After you have specified the hot key combination,
you can press this hot key to save the cursor position, then you can
press the middle or right button to return to previous cursor

(2). Pop up this Control Panel : You can specify a hot key to pop up
this Control Panel any time you wish.

6. Mouse Speed

You can specify the mouse double click speed and mouse track speed here.

7. Always visible

You can make the mouse control panel program always visible by checking
the "Always visible" checkbox.
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