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Adesso PKB-120
Adesso PDA Portable Keyboard for Handspring VISOR- EDGE
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Please uninstall your old driver first. Then save the driver into a floppy disk and follow the instructions in below.

To load the keyboard application on a Windows operating system:
1. Insert the Floppy Disk into the Floppy drive.
2. Click Start in the Windows taskbar.
3. Choose Programs, and then choose Palm Desktop.
4. Choose Install Tool.
5. In the User drop-down list, select the name that corresponds to your PDA.
6. Click Add.
7. In the open file drop-down list, select Floppy drive.
8. Select ORkey.prc, and then click Open.
9. Click on Done.

To install the keyboard application on your PDA:
1. Perform a HotSync operation to install the application on your PDA.
2. The icon for the Portable Keyboard application appears in the Applications Launcher.
3. Tap the ORkey Icon.
4. Change the keyboard status from OFF to ON in the Keyboard Setting before you plug your PDA on the keyboard.
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