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InterAct GoPad FX
Operating Systems
Windows 2000-XP
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These Drivers provide full functionality for the HammerHead FX controller in Win 2000/XP on a
USB connection. These drivers are not compatible with the older SV-262 HammerHead FX or the
SV-262A or Sv-262E on a 15-pin game port connection.


Rumble Effect
Button Re-mapping
Customizable Analog Sticks
Dual Function POV or D-Pad
Virtual Mouse Mode for the Analog Sticks


Connect your HammerHead FX controller to an available USB port on your computer
Allow Windows to install the default HID drivers for the controller
Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
Double click on the System Icon
Select the Hardware Tab and Select the Device Manager button
Double click on Human Interface Devices
Double click on the entry for HID-compliant game controller
Select the Driver tab and click on the Update driver button
Click Next to start the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard
Select Display a list of known drivers. . . and then click Next
Click on the Have Disk button
Point the Installer to the location of the Win 2000/SV262A Folder and select the SV262a.inf file
Select the HammerHead FX USB and click Next
Click Yes on the Compatibility Warning and then click the Next button
Click Yes on the Digital Signature Dialog
If Prompted the HIDUSB.SYS file is in the \WinNT\SYSTEm32\DRIVERS Folder and the HID.DLL
files is in the \WINNT\SYSTEM32 Folder
Click on the Finish button and Reboot your computer when prompted


There is no profiler software included with this build of the drivers. The profiler software
will be made available at a later date.

If you are having trouble installing the drivers or you do not have access to the Device
Manager please make sure that you are logged in with the access rights of Administrator or
Power User.

If the HammerHead FX is listed with an Error Code Type 10 in the Device Manager:

Right click on the HammerHead FX USB in the Device Manager and select Uninstall
After the HammerHead is removed click on the Action for the Menu Bar and select Scan for
hardware changes
The HammerHead FX should now be properly installed

The older SV-262 model of the HammerHead is not USB compatible and will not work with any
3-rd party USB adapter. That model of the HammerHead FX is not compatible with Win 2000/XP.

If you are still having problems installing the Win 2000 drives for the HammerHead FX please
make sure that you have the latest Compatibility Update and DirectX 8.0 installed from the
Windows Update Site.
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